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About Eefa Shrof

Eefa Shrof is a Holistic Fat Loss Expert and Wellness Chef. She passionately enables her clients to lose fat and transform their bodies whilst enjoying ‘the good life’ through her unique global consulting program www.thesuperbody365.com while providing mouthwatering wellness menus and recipes world over through www.fitnesschefeefa.com . 


Through international speaking events and her entertainingly funny wit and style, Eefa motivates and educates her audiences to learn how to arrest and reverse their biological age by optimising their biomarkers.


Her mission is to help people overcome the nasty rut of yoyo dieting and develop a healthy relationship with food and themselves, bust myths, set accountable goals, build effective strategies, develop habits that enable them lose fat (not water and muscle!) all whilst enjoying the good life and the process. 

Eefa has been featured in Vogue magazine and numerous other publications. To read more, please click here. 

With over 22 years of solid experience, education and self practice, Eefa is a force to be reckoned with for those who want to solve the fat loss problem once and for all. Having overcome not only a fatal crash that would have otherwise left her in a wheelchair but also multiple substance addiction as a young adult, Eefa truly walks her walk, when it comes to Body & Mind Transformations

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